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Google Courses for Free to Make 350K to 1000K Naira Monthly. will continue to provide you with Profitable Business Ideas. Let’s speak about small business ideas today that will help you earn a minimum of 350,000 Naira each month by taking a free Google course.

This is a great opportunity for you if you’re seeking for a small business that doesn’t demand a large upfront investment, if you’re interested in working from home, and if you want to start your own company rather than get a job.

People from all over the world make a significant income by engaging in the same activity; some even make as much as 10,000,000 naira every month. However, in Nigeria, even if the firm is started on a small scale, a minimum monthly revenue of 350,000 Naira is still attainable.

You must enroll in and successfully complete the Google Analytics for Beginners course at the Google Analytics Academy in order to accomplish this. It’s completely free.

You can carry out this task on your laptop. By the end of the program, your confidence will be at an all-time high, and you’ll have learned the skills required to manage a Google Analytics account.

You must register for a Google Analytics management account in order to begin working after you have finished the course. Yes, using this free Google course will allow you to earn a lot of money.

After the training is through, you won’t need to explain anything, but for the sake of clarity, it’s important to let them know that by doing this, they are helping the website operators.

There are billions of websites on the internet, but the most crucial fact to remember is that there are hundreds of websites in your own city.

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Everyone wants to know how well their website is performing. The website’s primary purpose, which inspired its establishment, is being fulfilled.

How many new opportunities are currently becoming available to them? What can they do to improve their situation and how can they increase their income? The Google Analytics manager gives the website owners access to all of this data.

Every website owner must choose a person to manage their Google Analytics account. Large websites house the Google Analytics management team’s office, but tiny firms can’t afford to hire a Google Analytics manager full-time, therefore they opt to outsource this function.

To begin started, you only need the absolute requirements. Over time, as you get more experience, you’ll be able to manage more significant clients.

As was mentioned at the beginning of this post, this is a business opportunity that is accessible not just in Nigeria but in other nations as well. You may support the success of any website, anywhere in the world, from the comfort of your own home. The only thing asked of you is to grasp your client’s goals and to regularly (either monthly or weekly) send them by creating accounting reports.

The smallest amount you could take from one consumer would be N25,000 per month, and you would only have ten customers to begin with. You shouldn’t have any trouble making N350,000 a month even in those conditions, and bear in mind that this is just the beginning. A category manager for Google Analytics brings in at least 10,000,000 Naira each month.

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