Ten Ways To Earn Money From Video Games

Video Games:Everyone enjoys playing games, whether they do so alone or with friends. The only thing that varies is our preferences and the games we choose to play. Additionally, every typical kid, teen, and adult plays video games after work or school, on the weekends, as a hobby, or for a living. While some games only accept checks as payment, others accept cash, PayPal, bitcoin, and gift cards.

However, playing games is still regarded as a waste of time and should only be done for relaxation. You’re still in the 1980s if you’re thinking in this manner. The video game industry, commonly known as E-sports, is a completely unique realm where regular individuals can earn millions by playing video games. Yes, playing video games may earn you actual money.

Yes, you can use your video game to earn a lot of money and do more than simply play about with it. I’m not talking about owning a GameHouse or renting out your games; rather, I’m talking about selling gaming services both online and offline. This is true whether you’re young or old.

There are several methods to generate extra money from your incredibly addicting video game in addition to being paid to play games. The wealthiest gamer in the world is a Spanish player named Carlos “Ocelot” Rodriguez who plays for the SK Gaming E-Sports team.

He has a great personality and a flexible game approach. He currently receives a remarkable yearly salary of almost $820,000.

You can also earn much more. Some of these methods might require a bit of entrepreneurial drive to get cash, but the bigger the idea the better the cash.

NoteThese methods have been tested and will work for you no matter your location. You only need a good internet connection to find your boss/clients waiting somewhere for you. Here are the

Best Ways to Make Money Playing Video Games Online/Offline

A lot of people have been making a lot of cash through their video games. They made money from their games by:

  1. Winning an online competition

Yes, we all know about international scholarships and awards for chess and scramble. Now, their are gold medal and international award for the best players in final fantasy ($2,000,000), heart-stone ($7,000,000), counter strike go ($8,400,000), smite ($3,000,000), Starcraft ($21,000,000) are good examples of real money earning games. You can earn money online by playing games without any investment. You can easily make real money playing these games.

You see why there are video game coaches around. I’m sure you must be regretting not playing games as a kid. E-sport has encouraged a lot of people to keep playing games and be good at it and stop thinking “games are trash or waste of time and should only be done to relax”. Some people actually make playing video games a full-time job. That’s how you get paid for doing what you love.

  1. Making video games tutorials
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Believe it or not, a lot of people pay a lot of money for video game tutorials, especially for addictive games. For the right price of course. These are the best places to sell your gaming tutorials and make money from it.

All gamers including Teens and adults, novice and veterans look for video walk-throughs to get through difficult levels and boss battles that seem all but impossible to pass. And if you are a pro-gamer and have a YouTube channel for this get ready to start rolling big. You can easily earn money by playing games on android and upload a screen recorded video of that scene.

Because when it comes to tough bosses and hard levels, gamers run to YouTube or call a friend who has passed that level. But YouTube is the big deal. They can watch videos from others who have beaten the game and have to come to your youtube if you’ve played the game.

One advantage of using YouTube to monetize your gaming skills is the fact that as long as the game is played and love, you get a constant source of income. And if a gamer visits your channel for a path the first time and get good results, do so the second and third time, and also find interesting games on your channel, he had no choice but to subscribe.


The YouTube of video games is Twitch. Gamers can watch you play a video game live or on video record by creating your own channel on Twitch, where they can also interact with you.

Additionally, you can make money through adverts based on the duration of your videos, the amount of viewers, selling monthly Twitch channel subscriptions, and making recommendations. You can sell your gaming video on more than 20 other websites.

Learn how to coach video games

However, you should think about it if you’re a meticulous and disciplined video game player. You may learn more about e-sports by searching the term on Google. Gaming competitions are becoming more and more popular, and they don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Each year,gaming companies launch a new game and give away millions in cash prizes to the best players.

How can you profit from this expanding trend? You develop into a game coach. You can advertise your skills if you’re a professional player that excels not only in shooters and adventures but also in simulators, puzzles, casino, and other game genres.

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Online video game trainers are being hired by a number of websites, including GameCoach. You’ll want a number of gadgets with an internet connection, a headset, an HD video recorder, and abilities like solid gaming technique and the ability to instruct your students on how to master the game.

Video game coaches who work full-time can make over $50,000 a year! That’s a sizable full-time pay solely for instructing others in online gaming.

Selling video games:

You can earn money by selling your games directly or as an affiliate.

It can be posted on your YouTube channel or as a blog, for example. You may make a lot of money by posting advertisements and affiliate links on your blog, in your videos, and on your social media accounts. You may include a link to your preferred gaming console, headset, microphone, memory card, or controller when it comes to affiliate links. You will be compensated if the user purchases one of these products after using or clicking your link. As an associate on Amazon, you can market video games,

Direct vendor

Ten Ways To Earn Money From Video Games
Ten Ways To Earn Money From Video Games

Your game and gaming credentials can always be sold on Jiji or eBay. You can earn money by selling the information associated with your gaming accounts on Player Auctions.

Since 1999, Player Auction has assisted players in trading and selling their game account information for titles ranging from sports to action to RPG series like Runescape or Final Fantasy. It is best to use a “Buy It Now” option with a fixed price or an auction where the account of the highest bidder when selling your game.

Construct a gaming blog

Online gaming is yet another great way to get money. One of the finest methods to make money by assisting people in playing games through your experience is to run a games-focused blog. By promoting different consoles, games, and accessories on your blog, you may also make money via affiliate marketing.

You can earn up to $165 each month in addition to your YouTube and Twitch channels. Your blog can be centered on a series of video games, such as God of War, The Last of Us, Call of Duty, Sleeping Dogs, or Grand Theft Auto, where you offer instructions, reviews, and videos showing how to conquer bosses, difficult stages, or reveal hidden items.

To build a poor game a few years ago, you had to contact your buddies and expert programmers. Today, if you know the essentials, you can use AI, templates, and software to complete the task reasonably well for free or at a low cost. Link it to your Google AdMob account and other affiliates after that.

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possess a game server.

You can also host a Minecraft, Guild, or Clan server from Enjin if you have sufficient cash. You are compensated for playing online with other people. You can also charge each player who belongs to your server a fee to offset the hosting fee. It allows you to keep the difference as profit.

Game Testing:

On Game Testers, you may get paid to evaluate video games. Before you can get paid to play, there are a few tasks to complete. It takes much more than a simple enjoyment test to evaluate a video game. Additionally, you must look for errors in the game’s programming, spelling, language, compatibility, etc.

There are various positions available, and you must pass a test before you can become a tester. Game testers typically make $50 to $150 per hour.

When you play flash-based games like Solitaire, Virtual Slots, or games that you can play on your game console, desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone for pleasure, there are a ton of applications and websites that give you cash, bitcoin, or PayPal dollars.

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You can get paid for playing new games as well as for watching movie and game trailers, completing surveys, and taking part in focus groups. Some of these games are tournament-based, while others let you play alone and earn rewards after completing certain tasks or challenges. such as Swagbucks. You are compensated for playing games online.

offering virtual services for sale

Most online games demand that you make an avatar, participate in quests, and complete special missions. I.e conflict of clans, Pub G. You can buy alliances, sell weapons, etc. if you have sufficient military might. Similar to how you may sell your services in Sims, you can do so in games.

In conclusion,

your video game has the potential to be very profitable. However, you must first establish a network and your audience’s confidence before you can succeed in this field. However, you should be aware that everything develops over time.

Games & Apps With Real Money

Would you register if you knew there were applications, websites, and games that paid you actual money? You must utilize the game to buy, trade, or swap game goodies for real money. The following are the greatest locations to play online games for money:

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