March 9, 2023

Efia Odo Warns Akufo Addo

Efia Odo Warns Akufo Addo

One thing that many Ghanaians despise about the Akufo Addo-led NPP government is that they appear unconcerned about the complaints and difficulties they face. They hardly talk to the people and find solutions how to resolve the hardships in the country.

Just yesterday a dollar was bought at 11 cedis, disturbing a lot of Ghanaians because this NPP government promised to stabilize the economy but now looks very unbothered as they fill their pockets and those of their families.

The Ghanaian actress and soiclaite, who took part in the  FixThe Country protest but had to leave due to threats, appears to be back with a new attack on the state’s first gentleman, speaking from the heart.

According to  who thinks she is too cute to be mute, the president is just incompetent and so cold-hearted, and the lord almighty who created all of us judges the president accordingly for what he is making the citizens go through.

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