March 20, 2023
How To Launch A business Producing And Selling Ice Blocks


Selling Ice Blocks: If you’re reading this, you undoubtedly struggle with issues like these.

How can I launch an ice block company? Or how do you begin making and selling ice blocks?

The good news is that you won’t have to do any research because we’ve already done it.

You may learn everything you need to know about the ice block industry from this page.

It also answers other queries such;

How are ice blocks created? Can ice blocks be stored in deep freezers? How do ice firms generate revenue, too?

Before delving into into the solutions to those queries,

Here is some background information about ice blocks, the industry that produces them, and why people consider this to be a very lucrative industry.

Simply put, an ice block is just water that has been frozen into a solid state.

Do not be misled by the aforementioned remark; business is very important on the African continent and in nations like Nigeria, Ghana, and Uganda, among others.

In fact, according to Dekoolar, studies have shown that when ice blocks are made on a wide scale, the business owner can make a monthly profit of between $250,000 and $300,000 ($500 to $787).

How To Launch A business Producing And Selling Ice Blocks
How To Launch A business Producing And Selling Ice Blocks

A huge amount, yes? Well, a company cannot succeed without a good reason.

There are four reasons why the ice block industry is lucrative.

Here is a brief explanation of why the ice block industry can be quite profitable.

Here is a brief explanation of why the ice block industry can be quite profitable.


Many individuals in Africa work as manual laborers, such as bricklayers, carpenters, fashion designers, and others.

These types of jobs drain the body’s energy reserves, which must be replenished by food and beverages.

Drinks that are cooled instead of lukewarm are more hydrating for someone who is very dehydrated.


Because Weather Africa is located near the equator of the planet, we receive a disproportionately higher amount of sunshine than other nations do.

Nevertheless, even those who don’t perform manual labor become quite thirsty and crave a refreshing beverage after spending some time in the heat.

This is where chilled drinks come in since, after a long, hot day, having something incredibly cold to drink sounds heavenly, doesn’t it?

unreliable electricity source

This shouldn’t be breaking news if you’re African, but if you’re not,

The best adjectives to use to characterize the electrical grid in Africa are horrible or awful.

Due to the inadequate power supply, homeowners have begun utilizing ice blocks to store their food and beverages because it is considerably less expensive to do so than to utilize a generator.


There are many individuals there during a gathering.

How To Launch A business Producing And Selling Ice Blocks
How To Launch A business Producing And Selling Ice Blocks

There would be a need for a lot of chilled drinks if there were a lot of people there.

because nobody wants to attend a party where the beer or soda will be lukewarm.

For more ideas and advice, don’t forget to visit our page on business and investments.

Now that we have a better understanding of why ice blocks are so popular and why the industry may be quite profitable,

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Now let’s discuss how ice chunks are created.

How are ice blocks made?

Making ice blocks is a rather easy and straightforward method.


You will require a water supply, ideally one that is pipe-borne.

Despite the fact that the ice blocks are typically not in close touch with the food or beverages being chilled,

To manufacture your ice blocks, it is still required to use water that is pure, safe, and hygienic.

Even if they aren’t directly consuming the ice block, nobody wants to buy it because it was manufactured from soiled, hazy water.

Knowing that the ice used to freeze the food and beverages you have consumed was made from dirty water is not a very comforting realization.


You’ll also need a way to package your ice blocks.

You have two options for doing this: either pack them in plastic containers or put them in nylon bags.

Nylon bags are much more superior to the alternative.

This is merely due to the fact that nylon bags are less expensive and take up less room than plastic containers, but that’s not all,

In order to cover more surface area, people typically need to split the ice blocks into smaller pieces.

These ice blocks are much simpler to shatter when they are in nylon bags as opposed to plastic containers,

Additionally, using nylon bags gives you the chance to trademark your nylons,

Specifically, personalize your nylon bags and include your contact information.

This is a particularly effective method of marketing your company because it distinguishes you from the other faceless, recognizable business owners.

Thirdly, you’ll require an ice block maker.

The kind of machine you would purchase would depend largely on the size of the operation you wish to run for your company.

Finally, you’ll need a reliable power source.

In Africa, business owners cannot rely solely on the supply of electricity.

especially if you run a firm that depends on a steady supply of power.

Therefore, you’ll need a generator or solar inverter that can safely transport the ice block maker.

With the aforementioned in place,

Making ice blocks is simple and stress-free if you follow these four steps:

How To Launch A business Producing And Selling Ice Blocks
How To Launch A business Producing And Selling Ice Blocks

Put water in the nylon bags.
And presto! You’re ready to sell your ice blocks.

How To Launch A business Producing And Selling Ice Blocks
How To Launch A business Producing And Selling Ice Blocks

The fact that starting an ice block business doesn’t require any specific business expertise is one advantage of it.

This can occasionally result in a disadvantage,

Because starting a business requires no special talents, anyone can decide to do so and compete with you.

But don’t worry, we’re here to assist you, thus Continue reading to get advice on how to distinguish your company from the competition and generate profits all year long.

use distilled water

Water that has been distilled doesn’t contain any minerals.

Because the gases must first be dissolved, the minerals in tap water lengthen the time it takes the equipment to freeze the water.

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However, using distilled water is more effective because there is no gas to dissolve, therefore the machine wouldn’t need to take as long to freeze the water.


In order to start an ice block producing firm, location is crucial.

In the sense that the number of consumers you’ll have and how frequently they’ll return to your business are largely determined by how accessible it is.

If you intend to operate your firm on a limited basis,

As long as your home has enough space for the production operations, you can start at home.

You’ll probably need to rent a space if you want to accomplish this on a huge scale.

When hiring a place, pick a location that is close to a lot of people.

busy streets, schools, markets, and places where a large stream of people occurs every day.

Because individuals frequently require refrigerated foods in crowded areas,

especially if they have been working for a considerable amount of time, whether or not they have been in the scorching sun.

In either case, store owners or street vendors must quickly freeze their drinks to satisfy patrons.

Moreover, they wouldn’t want to go far merely to get ice cubes for their business.

Customers are deterred from making a long trip to obtain their ice blocks due to the chance that the ice block may even start to melt and start causing a mess.

Considerations to make when selecting an ice block maker

A deep freezer and an ice block maker are similar, although the latter quickly freezes water.

You can see how the ice block producing machine works by watching the video below:

Here is the response to the query before moving on;

Can ice blocks be stored in deep freezers?
Yes, deep freezers can be used to produce ice blocks, but doing so is not recommended for the reasons listed below.

Deep freezers require more time to completely freeze the water, which increases the amount of electricity used (or fuel if a generator is being used).

In turn, this results in a larger electricity bill or a higher amount needed to be spent on fuel each week.

Deep freezers can’t make as many ice blocks as an ice block maker can in a single sitting in terms of quantity.

This renders using a deep freezer to create ice blocks ineffective, especially if you intend to produce on a large scale.

Utilizing a deep freezer causes unneeded stress,

An ice block maker may have been utilized instead, reducing the tension.

The majority of ice block makers have slots (moulds) where the water can be put.

It would then get frozen and assume the form of a long, rectangular block there.

The lack of these extra attachments in deep freezers makes using them to make ice blocks quite troublesome.

Let’s return to the elements to take into account when selecting an ice block maker.

Think about how many ice blocks the machine is capable of producing at once.

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There are devices that can produce up to 200 or more blocks at simultaneously.

Pick one that is both within your price range and meets your daily ice block-making requirements.

Buy one with a high capacity value if you want the water to freeze quickly; keep this in mind while making your purchase.

Observe the seasons

People typically consume more cold products in warmer weather, so your production would be quite high.

People limit their intake of cold beverages in cold weather to avoid getting a cold or just being sick in general.

Nevertheless, some individuals would still favor cold beverages in whatever climate,

It is your responsibility to keep an eye on the seasons and make ice blocks as needed;

when it’s hot outside and when it’s cold or wintery.

proper machine maintenance

Maintaining excellent operating order for both your power supply and ice block maker is crucial.

Make sure they get along well with one another.

Consumers who are disappointed by a machine will stop using it, and dissatisfied customers will stop using it altogether, which will result in a significant drop in revenue.

remarkable client service
Customers expect reliable, efficient providers, but they also want to connect with them on a personal level.

Your clients will be petty traders, event organizers, eateries, lodging facilities, and a few other businesses.

You’ll need to figure out a strategy to keep them as clients, and you can do so by keeping all of your clients happy.

Be kind and nice, sincerely listen to their suggestions and counsel, and take what you can from it.

Without interrupting them, pay attention to their complaints as well, and make the necessary adjustments as needed.

Keep an eye on the delivery

On a broad scale, you must ensure that you have the tools necessary to get the ice blocks to the stores, gatherings, hotels, and other locations where they are required.

Depending on how many ice blocks you manufacture and how many deliveries your clients request,

If necessary, you can utilize a truck or a small car.

In addition, coolers must be used to keep ice blocks from melting and creating a mess.

Such huge loads cannot be carried by motorcycles.

How do ice block businesses generate revenue?

The solution is straightforward: They generate income by manufacturing on a huge scale and continuing to serve as a reliable source of ice blocks.

As long as there are both new and returning clients, there is a growth in revenue.

If you do choose to launch an ice block manufacturing and retailing enterprise,

We hope the knowledge in this post will be helpful to you.

You can watch the video below to learn more about the production of ice and get a tour inside a giant ice factory:


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