March 21, 2023
Beginning a Lash Business in 2022: How To Sell Eyelashes Online

Beginning a Lash Business in 2022: How To Sell Eyelashes Online

Lash Business: If you enjoy using makeup and other beauty goods and want to launch your own company, learning how to sell eyelashes online could result in a successful side business.

You undoubtedly already know how lucrative the eyelash industry is. In the past few years, false eyelashes have advanced significantly, and today they seem natural and are incredibly affordable.

Beginning a Lash Business in 2022: How To Sell Eyelashes Online
Beginning a Lash Business in 2022 How To Sell Eyelashes Online

The market for fake eyelashes, which was valued at US$ 1,377.28 million in 2021, is expected to grow to US$ 2,046.61 million by 2028, according to Business Wire.

Starting an online lash business is a fantastic method to earn money online because of this trend.

Get ready to apply some lashes! Here, we’ll go over everything you need to know step by step:

  1. How To Start Selling Eyelashes
  2. Branding And Choosing A Name
  3. How To Find A Vendor For Your Lash Business
  4. Where To Sell Eyelashes Online
  5. How To Price Your Eyelashes
  6. Tips For Shipping And Packaging Eyelashes 

How Do I Start Selling Eyelashes Online?

To get started with your online eyelash business, you will need to find a supplier and launch your business.

After that you will need to decide where you are going to sell your eyelashes and how much you will sell them for.

How Much Can You Make Selling Eyelashes?

It is not out of the question that you can make a nice income with your lash business.

Beginning a Lash Business in 2022: How To Sell Eyelashes Online
Beginning a Lash Business in 2022 How To Sell Eyelashes Online

For example, let’s say your eyelashes and boxes cost you $5 per pair and then you add another $5 for packaging and shipping supplies.

If you can sell your mink eyelashes for $25 a pair (which is the average sale price), you will be making $15 a pair profit.

If you sell 50 pairs a month, that is a net profit of $750 before taxes.

How To Find An Eyelash Vendor

To get high-quality eyelashes at a price that will allow you to make money with your eyelash company, you will need a vendor or wholesaler.

You can simply find a wholesaler from a website like AliExpress or Alibaba because the majority of them are situated in China. You can get in touch with them straight through the marketplaces before transferring to Whatsapp to finalize the specifics.

Beginning a Lash Business in 2022: How To Sell Eyelashes Online
Beginning a Lash Business in 2022 How To Sell Eyelashes Online

Compare the quality and costs of the eyelashes you intend to sell by conducting a search for them.

Instagram is another area to look for a top eyelash seller.

Use hash tags like





Before placing any large orders, request samples of the products from potential vendors. For a lash business to be successful, high-quality lashes are essential.

If your vendor does not offer them, you might want to think about purchasing attractive boxes for your eyelashes.

To be able to resell the lashes and cover expenses like transaction fees, packaging, and shipping, you must be able to mark up the wholesale rates sufficiently.

Which varieties of eyelashes ought to you sell?

You might choose to sell all varieties of artificial eyelashes or just one specific type.

as well as eyelashes that you are accustomed to.

The eyelashes you choose should be ones you enjoy and are accustomed to wearing.

To be able to respond to all of your customers’ queries, you must become an authority on the lashes you sell.

The most widely bought varieties of eyelashes are listed below:

Beginning a Lash Business in 2022: How To Sell Eyelashes Online
Beginning a Lash Business in 2022 How To Sell Eyelashes Online


Because they are made from a mink tail, genuine mink lashes are very expensive. They are soft, give off a very natural appearance, and endure for a very long period.

Real mink lashes can cost up to $300 per set.

phony mink

Make sure you know what you are getting and how to properly market them to customers because many merchants sell what appear to be mink lashes but are actually synthetic.

Man-made, poly-fiber faux mink lashes are available in a range of lengths, diameters, and curls. They are designed to mimic real mink lashes while being much less expensive.

The majority of the mink lashes you sell will probably be fake or synthetic.

Long and short silk lashes are available, and they can be curled. They are less expensive, but they are not as pleasant as mink lashes.

Full Eyelashes

The best and most popular type of eyelashes in most reseller businesses are full falsies.

Natural or common lashes

Natural-looking eyelashes are a terrific type of eyelash to sell because not everyone prefers the fake lash look.

Do Competitor Research

One of the most important things to research when planning a start-up is your competition.

This includes researching what other businesses are already in this industry and how you can differentiate yourself from them.

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The following are some free tools that can be used to research your competition:

Google Alerts – This will let you know when something is posted online about a competitor. You should set up alerts for both the company name and brand names.

Google Search – You should use this to research what keywords are being used by your competitors. This will tell you how many people are searching for your competitors and what keywords you should use in order to get found online.

Beginning a Lash Business in 2022: How To Sell Eyelashes Online
Beginning a Lash Business in 2022 How To Sell Eyelashes Online

Etsy – Take some time to research other eyelash businesses and see what their best selling products are.

Keyword Tool – This will tell you how many people are searching for different types of lashes and how much the lashes are selling for.

I use a keyword tool that works for Etsy, Amazon and Google called Sales Samurai.

On Sale Samurai, you can find out the top searched for eyelashes and also how much eyelashes sell for on Etsy.

Using this unique URL, you may sample Sale Samurai for free for three days.

Additionally, if you choose to join Sale Samurai, use the coupon code twfhl20 to save 20% on your lifetime subscription!

starting a business with eyelashes

Once you have found a fantastic provider, you can focus on the exciting launch of your company.

Choosing a catchy company name,building your brand, and adhering to the law are all necessary steps in starting an eyelash business.

How To Identify Your Eyelash Company
If not, you can spend some time brainstorming. You might already have an awesome name for your company.

Beginning a Lash Business in 2022: How To Sell Eyelashes Online
Beginning a Lash Business in 2022 How To Sell Eyelashes Online

Your company should have a memorable, distinctive, and descriptive name. Ensure that the name complements your brand and is simple for your audience to recall.

Verify that the name is available on social media before choosing it (TikTok, Instagram, Facebook etc).

If you intend to launch your own online store, you should probably see if the domain name is still available on a platform like Namecheap.

Another great location to look for names that are still available before committing is Etsy.

Here are some pointers for choosing a catchy name for your eyelash business:

  • Use keywords in your business name and on your website (eg. Eyelash, lash, eyes, beauty)
  • Choose a catchy, attention-grabbing name that reflects the quality of your services.

Here are some fun name ideas you can use for inspiration:


All Eyes On You


Oh Lashly!

Pretty Eyes 4 You

Naming Your Lashes

You may also want to choose special names for each kind of eyelashes that you sell in your store. If you are buying from a vendor through AliExpress, they will more than likely be able to custom print your lash names onto the boxes for you for a fee.

Beginning a Lash Business in 2022: How To Sell Eyelashes Online
Beginning a Lash Business in 2022 How To Sell Eyelashes Online

You can also skip this step and use your own label maker instead. This will save you a lot of money in the long run and a simple Bluetooth label maker costs less than $50.

Branding Your Business

Once you have a cute name, you should go ahead and choose a color scheme and design a logo.

If you are not super creative, you can get a cheap logo made by someone from Fiverr.

You can also make your own logo on a free program such as Canva but be careful not to use any of their logo templates as they are not allowed to be used commercially.

You can also order business cards and flyers from an office supply store or somewhere like VistaPrint.

Keeping Things Legal

You will likely need to register your business with your city or state and you may want to look into liability insurance too. This will protect you in case someone has issues with the lashes you sell.

Another thing to consider is to open a business banking account to make things easy at tax time.

Remember to keep all of your receipts and invoices as book keeping is an important part of running your eyelash business.

5 Places To Sell Eyelashes Online

Selling eyelashes in person  at parties and craft fairs is easy, but referring customers to an online store is a must if you want to be successful.

Beginning a Lash Business in 2022: How To Sell Eyelashes Online
Beginning a Lash Business in 2022 How To Sell Eyelashes Online

Luckily there are a lot of different options you can try when it comes to selling your eyelashes online.

Selling Eyelashes on Instagram

Instagram is a great place to sell eyelashes. You can either work via DMs and use PayPal or CashApp/Venmo for transactions.

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Here are some tips for gaining followers and growing your eyelash business on Instagram (these tips also work for other social media platform)

1.Utilize Reels, Stories, and other video

 2.channels to post high-quality videos.

3.often posting

4.Use appropriate hashtags

5.To increase followers and engagement, host a giveaway.

Selling Eyelashes Through a Big Cartel

Using a platform like Big Cartel is another method to sell eyelashes online. Up to five things are free (after that it is 9.99 a month).

The cheapest option to start selling eyelashes is on Big Cartel, and you can use social media in conjunction with it by including a link to your store’s Big Cartel page in your social media biographies.

Selling through Big Cartel has only one drawback: No one will find your business the same way they will find it on Etsy or Amazon, so you’ll need to promote it yourself.

Beginning a Lash Business in 2022: How To Sell Eyelashes Online
Beginning a Lash Business in 2022 How To Sell Eyelashes Online

On Etsy, selling eyelashes
When it comes to online eyelash sales, Etsy might not be the first site that springs to mind, but it can be a fantastic alternative.

First of all, Etsy has a vast potential client base, and people could discover your eyelash shop through Etsy search without you having to spend any money on advertising.

Etsy’s one drawback is that it is not free. Each item’s listing fee on the website is $0.20, and an additional 5% transaction fee is added on top of that.

(If you open an Etsy shop through my exclusive link, you’ll get 40 free listings to get things going.)

Make sure you read through our tutorial on How To Start An Etsy Store if you haven’t already done so.

Your Etsy shop will be created and launched step by step for you.

Making a product on Etsy is a really easy procedure. As with other platforms, having excellent photographs, thorough product descriptions, and the use of keywords are crucial for getting your listings found in searches.

Beginning a Lash Business in 2022: How To Sell Eyelashes Online
Beginning a Lash Business in 2022 How To Sell Eyelashes Online

Check out my free printable Starting An Etsy Shop Checklist PDF to ensure that you are building Etsy listings that generate the greatest revenue.

opening a store on Amazon to sell eyelashes
Although fees on Amazon might seriously reduce your revenues, it can be a truly fantastic site to sell lashes online.

Since Amazon is the largest online marketplace, selling your eyelashes there will provide you access to clients you would not otherwise be able to contact.

On Amazon, there are two distinct plans available:

Every time you sell a product under the Individual plan, you are required to pay $0.99.

There is a $39.99 monthly fee for the Professional plan, regardless of how many goods you sell. Amazon also receives a referral fee on each sale for both plans.

The current referral fee for cosmetics is as follows:

8% for goods with a total selling price of under $10.00, and 15% for those costing more than that.

1.A minimum referral fee of 30 cents is charged for each sale.

2.You will require the following before you can begin selling on Amazon:

3.Amazon consumer account or a business email address

4.Credit card that can be used abroad

5.Government identification (identity verification protects sellers and customers)

6.Contact details for taxes

7.a bank account to which Amazon can send your sales revenue

Making your listing and starting to sell on Amazon is really simple. Create your seller account by going to the Seller page.

Shopify eyelashes for sale

Even though Shopify is not free, it is one of the simplest platforms for selling false eyelashes online because it sets up a storefront and takes care of all the associated business processes (checkout, etc.).

You only need to print the shipping labels that Shopify has already created for you.

Owning a Shopify store costs about $29 per month, however you may test it out for 14 days without paying anything.

Due to the fact that so much is done for you, it is a fantastic alternative for starting an online lash business.

Your website will enable you to develop your brand and generate sales without having to pay expensive platform fees.

You have the option of selling eyelashes directly on your website or using it to promote them while directing visitors to your Etsy store.

Beginning a Lash Business in 2022: How To Sell Eyelashes Online
Beginning a Lash Business in 2022 How To Sell Eyelashes Online

Using a server like Bluehost, you can build your own website in just one afternoon for less than $5.

To make things simple for you to start, Bluehost will provide you with a free domain name.

To create a unified identity, check that the domain name (the part after the www.) is also available as a username on Facebook and Instagram.

You can follow my step-by-step instructions to create your own website rapidly.
How Much Should Eyelashes Cost?

The majority of lashes sell for between $10 and $25 each pair, depending on the quality of your lashes, the boxes, and how personalised it is.

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You should conduct some competitive research to find out how much other sellers of similar lashes are charging before deciding how much to charge for your own eyelashes.

Here is a simple calculator for determining the price of eyelashes to sell online so that you can ensure that you are making a profit:

Supply/shipping costs, merchant transaction fees, and your profit markup added to the wholesale price

You should mark up at least 15% of the price, though obviously the more the better.

How much you can charge for the eyelashes and how much you can save on wholesale eyelashes and supplies will determine how much you can mark up.

Packaging and Shipping your lash line

When learning how to sell eyelashes online, one thing to think about is the supplies and shipping and handling charges.

It is best to keep shipping prices as low as possible because people detest paying for shipping.

Your eyelash business will look much more professional without spending a lot of money if you purchase mailers in bulk from Amazon that match the colors of your brand.

Don’t spend too much on attractive mailers because once they are opened, they are simply thrown in the trash.

Additionally, you will require the following items to ship your eyelashes to customers:

a postal scale to measure the packages’ weight
An inkjet printer for shipping label printing
Include business cards or thank-you cards in parcels.
So that you don’t lose money on every transaction, remember to include your shipping costs either in the selling price or as an optional extra for clients.

How To Market Your Lash Salon

The actual job starts after you have everything ready to sell lashes online.

You must advertise your store on social media, face-to-face with friends, and through search engine optimization efforts on your website.

Beginning a Lash Business in 2022: How To Sell Eyelashes Online
Beginning a Lash Business in 2022 How To Sell Eyelashes Online

Be sure to update all of your social media profiles frequently, and let your friends and family know about your lash company.

Offer incentives and discounts both for purchases and for referrals.


on How To Sell Eyelashes Online

Is It Difficult To Launch An Eyelash Company?

Although the market for eyelashes is quite competitive, starting your own eyelash business for less than $100 is incredibly simple and inexpensive.

There is no reason you shouldn’t have a successful eyelash business within a few months, whether you choose to use Shopify, Etsy, Amazon, or all of the above.

How Can I Launch My Own Eyelash Company Without Any Money?

Even while you can launch an eyelash business for very little money, you will still need to invest at least some of your eyelash stock up front. Since there are no eyelashes to sell,

Having said that, you can start out very modestly and gradually increase your supply as your firm expands.

To cut costs on selling platforms, you may also use free websites like Big Cartel and Instagram.

What other lash products do you offer for sale?

You can diversify your line of eyelashes by adding various cosmetics, such as:

Maskarac Lash Serum

Products & Templates for Lash Primer Brows
You might also consider making your eyelash business a subscription service.

Customers of yours would agree to obtain a certain number of lashes each month.

As you would be mailing the lashes out in quantity, you might charge a premium pricing and reduce shipping costs. This is also a pretty fantastic technique to generate a monthly income that is guaranteed.

Does Selling Eyelashes Make Money?

If you sell high-quality items and locate a reliable supplier who will sell you the lashes at a discount, selling eyelashes may be a very lucrative business.

Is It Worth It To Start An Eyelash Business?

Starting a lash company is definitely worthwhile if you enjoy using beauty products and are an expert on lashes.

The best eyelash retailers are devoted to their goods and skilled at assisting clients in selecting the ideal lashes for any situation.

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