Poultry Farming Business: Benefits & Starting

Poultry Farming Business: One of the most lucrative enterprises you can start today is poultry farming in Nigeria.

We’ll walk you through the benefits, difficulties, and steps to starting a profitable chicken farm in this post.

As of 2019, Nigeria’s poultry sector is worth approximately N2.1 trillion.

Poultry Farming Business: Benefits & Starting
Poultry Farming Business Benefits Starting

The largest producer of eggs in Africa is Nigeria, followed by South Africa.

I’d want to answer a couple questions before we start;

What Is Poultry Agriculture?

It is the practice of breeding domesticated birds, such as “chicken, ducks, and turkey,” for the consumption of their eggs, the sale of their meat, or both.

Benefits and Advantages of Nigerian Poultry Farming
Prior to starting your business, it is crucial to understand your potential rewards and the advantages of raising chicken;

1. Lots of eggs are laid by poultry farm animals.

Poultry Farming Business: Benefits & Starting
Poultry Farming Business Benefits Starting

A typical layer will lay at least one egg over the course of two days.

You should be receiving at least 1800–2000 eggs every two days if you have a farm with 2000 mature layers ready to produce eggs.

Assuming you decide to sell at the rate of #35–#40 per egg, with an egg now costing #50, you would receive between #63000 and #72000.

2. Products made from matured poultry are quite expensive.

The fact that a market is always open is one advantage of raising poultry.

A grown chicken typically costs between 2500 and 3500 naira (even higher during the festive period),

Let’s say you have 5000 matured birds that are ready to be sold. You would have between #12,500,000 and #17,500,000, which is a sizable sum in Nigeria.

3. Meat is essential.

Poultry Farming Business: Benefits & Starting
Poultry Farming Business Benefits Starting

With over 180 million inhabitants, Nigeria has a daily demand for hundreds of chicken products.

In order to offer the food to clients, restaurants also need meat.

The two meats that are most desired are turkey and chicken.

Even medical professionals urge persons over 50 to consume more white meat and avoid red meat (chicken and turkey).

4. These agricultural birds grow quickly.

An average chicken can be completely grown and prepared for sale in approximately 21 to 24 weeks.

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That is an exponential growth as compared to other farm animals.

If incubators are employed, the hatching time can be as little as 21 days.

According to this computation, you would have a fresh chick at least every two to three weeks.

Consider that you have 1000 adult birds that are ready to hatch; you would then have a total of 3000 chickens.

(both the freshly hatched and the existing birds) in the course of one month, or three times your current number of birds.

How to run a profitable chicken farm

Poultry Farming Business: Benefits & Starting
Poultry Farming Business Benefits Starting

It’s time to look at how to create a successful chicken farm now that we have a better understanding of what poultry farming takes and how profitable it can be.

Starting a Poultry Farm in Nigeria: What to Do?

One could assume that all it takes to start a poultry farm in Nigeria is to acquire the birds, feed them, and then sell them once they are grown.

However, if you don’t have enough understanding about raising poultry, you might harm the animals.

Inadvertently losing your entire capital investment before harvesting, yes.

  1. You must have in-depth understanding of Nigerian poultry farming and do the necessary research to be a successful poultry farmer.

The information and instructions on how to start a profitable chicken farm are provided here;

1.Choosing The Type Of Poultry Bird To Rear

This is the initial step you must take. It is crucial to have a clear idea of the breeds of poultry you want to raise.

Poultry Farming Styles
There are various sorts of poultry farming, including raising ducks, chicken, quails, turkeys, emus, broilers, etc.

However, the core ideas and procedures are essentially the same.

Poultry farming includes both chicken farming and egg production, as was already noted.

Poultry Farming Business: Benefits & Starting
Poultry Farming Business Benefits Starting

Aside from chickens raised locally, there are two main breeds that are popular among poultry farmers: broilers and layers.

Young males and females raised for their meat are known as broilers. They grow from a hatch weight of 40 g to a weight loss of only 1.5 to 2 kg in just 6 weeks.

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Hens that are employed as layers are slaughtered later for their meat.

They begin laying eggs at 18 to 19 weeks and keep doing so for another 72 to 78 weeks.

Cockerels: Similar to broilers, cockerels are used for the production of meat despite their slow growth. Cockerels can survive in a variety of environments.


The location of your poultry farm is crucial to the success of your enterprise.

Avoid placing them in a crowded area. The number you are entering should match the size of your farmland.

You can begin with what you already have, such as your backyard, but you should prioritize purchasing a better farm as soon as you are able to buy one.

The environment should be serene and devoid of pollutants.

Poultry Farming Business: Benefits & Starting
Poultry Farming Business Benefits Starting

There must be adjacent sources of sufficient, pristine, and fresh drinking water on the property.

The area must also be devoid of predators and fowl enemies like foxes and leopards.

In order to facilitate the delivery of farm products when they are ready for sale, the location must be easily accessible from major roadways.

Your acreage must be positioned properly to avoid the potential for floods.

The area should be large enough to allow the birds to run about freely.

The shelter must also provide sufficient ventilation and sun protection.

Poultry Farming Business: Benefits & Starting
Poultry Farming Business Benefits Starting

3.Feeding and medication make up 

This is another another crucial action you must take to maintain the health of the birds so they can develop quickly.

High-quality, well-kept feed is necessary to keep them healthy and very productive.

Numerous chicken diseases can be avoided with the right treatment and vaccinations.

Affected fowl from contaminated feed may cause casualties.

The secret to success in the poultry farming industry is fresh, wholesome food. Your birds won’t go without water.

You must have access to a veterinarian who can check on your birds on a frequent basis.

4.The Poultry Birds’ Marketing and Sales

Every poultry farmer wants to earn good sales after every harvest because they don’t want their hard work to go to waste.

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Consequently, you must focus on the sales and marketing aspects of your company.

Avoid focusing on the operational side of your organization to the point where you neglect the sales side.

However, the following suggestions can assist you in marketing and selling your chicken;

launching your company online, distributing to hotels and restaurants, marketing your goods, hiring marketers, and home delivery are a few examples.

Beginning Poultry Farming in Nigeria


How much does it cost to launch a poultry farming company?

A small-scale poultry operation, in comparison, has a low start-up cost and quick profits, even though the start-up cost for a poultry farm is relative.

You may get started with as little as N50,000 and obtain a 100% return on your initial investment in just six months (this essentially covers the cost of purchasing and feeding the day-old chicks).

In addition, since chicks hatch in just 21 days, you can start making money three weeks after starting. There are very few companies that can offer such a speedy turnaround.

production of chickens for food

Poultry Farming Business: Benefits & Starting
Poultry Farming Business Benefits Starting

Chicken is the most popular type of poultry raised, followed by turkeys, geese, and ducks.

Farmers routinely receive a large number of chickens for use in producing eggs, raising meat, or selling.

What tools are used in chicken farming?
Farmers can successfully raise poultry using a variety of equipment for poultry.

For the successful production of poultry, adequate management, care, and equipment are required.

You can purchase necessary poultry equipment on Afrimash, such as nipple drinkers and other feeders and drinkers for poultry;

Equipment for sheltering chickens, such as battery cages; equipment for hatching poultry eggs, such as incubators; and so forth.



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