March 16, 2023


4 Mobile Apps That Can Help You Earn Money.

Mobile Apps be able to make actual money using mobile apps almost seems too fantastic to be true. Some companies make just that guarantee! Anyone wanting to use an app to become wealthy quickly would undoubtedly be dissatisfied. However, certain applications are well worth a try if it’s about a tiny cash gain that can be made between times from your own smartphone in a manner similar to that of flea market apps.

Many apps in the app stores make the claim that using a mobile phone to make money is simple. Sadly, there are a few black sheep among them. We have some closer from the money-making applications that make a serious initial impression and at least the propensity to have positive user ratings. Among they include both Android and iOS apps for making money.

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1 – Download the Google Surveys app and sign up for Google Play Store credit
Participating in paid surveys for market research is a common technique to get money through applications. There is a matching tool from the Silicon Valley-based Internet giant’s company with the Google survey app.

First off, the compensation for answering surveys is only given as a Google Play balance. If you are unable to accomplish that, the Google Survey app will not initially be very appealing to you.

After logging in and providing your information, if you choose to use the app, you will receive a weekly survey straight to your smartphone.

The many subjects covered by the individual surveys are essential for market research. This can involve determining the next location or evaluating a new product logo. Up to 0.75 EUR in Google Play credit is available for each survey that is completed. This can then be used, for instance, to buy movies, e-books, or mobile games.

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2. Slidejoy – Making Money Through Your Lock Screen
The Slidejoy app’s premise advertises quick money. In actuality, using the software to make a few euros requires no effort.

The Slidejoy app’s premise advertises quick money. In actuality, using the software to make a few euros requires no effort.

Following registration, the app shows an ad as the lock screen before each time the phone is unlocked. This is personalized for your interests. To unlock the phone, swipe right on the promotional lock screen; to acquire further information, swipe left.

4 Mobile Apps That Can Help You Earn Money
4 Mobile Apps That Can Help You Earn Money

No matter if you delete the advertising instantly or carefully consider an offer, you will still receive so-called “carats” for doing so. These can be gathered and then traded in for cash or gift cards. The money can be donated to, or paid as, PayPal credit, for example.

3. Streetspotr – Purchasing Micro-Jobs
Streetspotr is an app that offers so-called micro employment. This refers to modest work orders that can be accepted via the app, completed on their own, and paid a predetermined amount.

Prior to earning money, registration is necessary. After that, it is feasible to determine which jobs (or “spots”) can be accomplished in the area of the home. For instance, one of these activities may be snapping pictures of a specific public location or checking whether a product is available at the store. You have successfully finished the task by entering the necessary data into the app.

There are a specific number of “streetpoints” for each activity, and these numbers change based on the task. Lastly, Streetpoints can be exchanged for actual cash and transferred to Streetspotr’s PayPal account.

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4. Do Small Tasks And Earn Money With appJobber
One of the micro-job apps is the one called appJobber. Therefore, one can accept modest, simple chores via an app in their own city and earn money from their phone.

The positions that are now open are shown right in the app, along with a map-based indicator of wages. As a result, you can visit the right location, for instance as part of a brief city walk. Typically, the assignments involve taking photos of particular things or assessing opening hours

4 Mobile Apps That Can Help You Earn Money
4 Mobile Apps That Can Help You Earn Money

You can also withdraw money through the Jobber app using your PayPal account after completing a task and entering the required data in the app.

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