Ezoic Basic Review: With Ezoic Basic, You Can Make More Money Than AdSense In Under 38 Seconds

Do you want to make more money from your website or blog than AdSense in under 38 seconds

If the answer is yes, you should read this awesome Ezoic Basic Review article.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I would have an announcement from Ezoic, and now it has materialized.

Basic and……… is the name of a new product or service that Ezoic has launched.

Define Ezoic Basic

Who is this aimed at? Well, it’s aimed at people who are using Google AdSense on their website or who haven’t monetized their website at all with ads yet an Ezoic Basic is basically it’s given away in the name it’s a way of getting ads on your website very simply and quickly and it has no real stipulations so there’s no minimum traffic there is no course or learning to do you just simply copy and paste a script into your header and you will only have 30 seconds to complete it, but you will undoubtedly make more money as a result. Since there is a waiting list for this new product that isn’t even yet available, you can use the Ezoic basic link to join the list if you want to try it out and monetize your website.

How Does Ezoic Basic Work? 

The Advantages of Ezoic Basic
Basic advertising go beyond what AdSense provides. Similar to Auto Ads, Basic offers access to Google’s advertisers as well as thousands of rival ad networks in a single tag.

Obtaining Ezoic Basic permissions is a need.

Sites must comply with standard industry ad policy rules, although Basic has no visit or pageview limitations. This includes requirements like having original content, actual user traffic, and content that does not violate Google’s or others’ guidelines for “objectionable” content. As a guide, please consult the AdSense policy.

A site must finish the Google MCM registration process and make sure it has an ads.txt file before it can display ads using Basic. If a site complies with the guidelines outlined above, it will be given the go-ahead to start serving ads right away after opening an MCM account and propagating its ads.txt file (typically 24-48hrs).

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Ezoic Basic Review: With Ezoic Basic, You Can Make More Money Than AdSense In Under 38 Seconds
Ezoic Basic Review With Ezoic Basic You Can Make More Money Than AdSense In Under 38 Seconds

Sites may frequently have to wait up to 7 days for Google to finalize registration, but they should check to see if any steps in the process—like an email that was given to them for completion—have been overlooked.

Does Basic resemble Ezoic?
Ezoic and Basic are distinct. Higher revenue will always be available from Ezoic. Typically, Basic will bring you more money than AdSense, but 25–100% less than Ezoic.

Ezoic provides a much more comprehensive set of tools for monetizing websites, including extra ad partners and settings made to make it simple for publishers to make the most money from their websites.

There are no visit or pageview limitations, but sites must adhere to generally accepted industry standards for advertising. Having original content, actual user traffic, and content that is not deemed “objectionable” by Google and other standards are some examples of these requirements. Please examine the AdSense policy for a reference.

A website must first finish the Google MCM registration process and have an ads.txt file on its server before it can display ads using Basic. A site will be authorized to display ads as soon as its MCM account is activated and its ads.txt file is propagated as long as it complies with the policies stated above (typically 24-48hrs).

Websites may need to wait up to 7 days for Google to process registration, but they should check to see if they missed any necessary steps, such as responding to an email that was given to them.

How is Basic’s revenue more than AdSense’s?
In less than 38 seconds, you can earn more than using AdSense (2).
Basic offers every advertiser in AdSense as well as those from other ad networks and advertisers that compete with them to increase the amount paid to the website hosting the advertising.

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Only Google advertisers are included in Google’s ad network, AdSense. Only significant companies and partners, like Basic (Ezoic Inc. LLC), have access to Google Ad Manager, an ad server that gives access to Google’s ad exchange (AdX).

All of the AdSense advertisers are included in this ad exchange, along with thousands of other ad networks that can join to a protocol and compete with Google advertisers.

AdX has historically been more challenging to set up for sites and to access. Accessing the boost in revenue from the AdX competition is now simpler than ever thanks to Basic.

Is Basic compatible with many websites?

Once you’ve created an account, you can add as many sites as you want. Simply sign in and select the “add a site” button from your dashboard.

I want to get a tag for my website.
After creating an account and logging in, you may find the script in the center of your main dashboard. The script won’t be accessible to you until you create an account.

What is the price of Basic?

It costs nothing to start or keep up a basic account. For the first 30 days, websites keep all of their earnings. Any earnings from using Basic after the first 30 days will automatically have 20% taken out to cover the expense of doing so. Basic does NOT require a credit card and never “charges” any fees.

Does using Basic on a webpage require AdSense?
No, using Basic does not require a Google AdSense account. To be eligible for Basic, a site must be in good standing with Google and AdSense.

The Basic Waitlist: What Is It?

In order to ensure that your website has a transparent public database of performance vs. AdSense, the waitlist is only being used during the introduction of Basic. Any site will be able to sign up and start utilizing Basic immediately after our launch is complete.

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We are unable to provide a timeframe for when or whether a site on the waitlist will be emailed an account during launch.

You can watch this video for more clarification 



If a site on the waiting received an account, it has seven days to start setting up Basic. In order to help us make sure that all sites get the chance to participate in the launch, after 7 days if a site HAS NOT yet created its account, it will be put back on the waitlist.

If I use Ezoic or have an old Ezoic account, can I still utilize Basic?
No. regrettably, no. Sites should be aware that Basic would generate less money and perform poorly than Ezoic on their websites.

Due to restrictions, we are unable to offer Basic to any current or past Ezoic clients because doing so would hinder their capacity to collaborate with a Google partner like Ezoic and result in a performance drop that sites detest.

What are simple invitations, and how do they operate?
The three invites that the sites that are chosen from the waitlist can send to other sites will help us hasten our public debut.

A site can access Basic quickly and skip the queue if it joins through an invitation from another publisher.

Use Ezoic Basic if you’re just starting a new blog with 10 to 15 articles. Because you need unique material to meet the page view and traffic requirements.

By signing up for Ezoic Basic through my invite link, you’ll get immediate access to Basic and skip the waiting.

Visit https://www.basic.website/faq for more details on Ezoic basic.

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