March 21, 2023


Online businesses in the modern world, online commerce has developed into one of the moving trains. When you use any of the search engines to look up “internet business.” You can conduct business online in a variety of ways.

However, we are more focused on those internet enterprises that Nigerians can easily launch and manage.

due to the lack of employment opportunities and rapid population growth in Nigeria. Unemployment is something that will never go away.

On the other hand, there are several possibilities that you can take advantage of and begin profiting from. This is the purpose for writing the article. You will benefit from being aware of some of these possibilities.

An internet business is what?
Any firm that operates entirely or mostly online is considered to be an online business. You need to have access to the internet and the necessary tools for the majority of online businesses.

if you possess a smartphone and PC. The top 20 internet businesses that we have identified in this article can be started by you. Nigeria Information Guides

Does your internet business require registration?

Given that the majority of these businesses will be operated from your home, there is no simple solution to this query. This implies that you can start your business without having it formally registered.

But you must register your firm if you want to grow and enjoy some credibility with your customers and other companies. The venue to go is the Corporate Affairs Commission.

Nigeria’s Top 20 Best Online Businesses, Ranked by Profitability
The internet companies are listed below. Please make your decision.

1. Business blogging
In Nigeria, blogging has emerged as one of the simplest online businesses to launch. We are essentially living in the information age, which is why. A blog may be launched in under ten minutes. increase readership and begin generating revenue.

The fundamental principle of running a successful blog is to identify your specialty and steadily grow your readership in that area.

Today, a lot of successful bloggers generate income from their blogs. How much effort you are willing to invest into making your blog effective will decide how much money you make.

Keep in mind that you could earn more money if your site draws more viewers.

Create your own self-hosted blog using WordPress. It ranks among the greatest.

2. Independent writing
Another simple online business you can launch from home is freelance writing. As a freelance writer, your duties include giving clients articles, blog posts, marketing material, etc.

You must improve your writing abilities, advertise yourself to clients, and secure jobs from them if you want to be successful as a freelance writer.

You’ll need a computer and internet access to get started. Best Online Companies

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3. Independent programing
Freelance work is not limited to writers. Programmers that enjoy doing so can also provide their services to clients for a fee.

You can earn a lot of money by freelancing your services if you are a web designer or application developer. The amount you might earn from your freelance programming business depends on how difficult the task is. The 10 Best Cleaning Tools And Their Applications

4. Offering goods
Anyone with a good product to sell on the internet is welcome to do so. You can launch an online store. Any product may be directly sold to customers.

You can sell real items like clothing and watches online as well as intangible items like photographs and instructional materials.

5. Taking care of social media accounts
If you are an expert in social media, you may utilize this knowledge to operate the social media profiles of companies and corporate people who might not have the time to do so.

This is lucrative since you will use your expertise to market their products and services and promote their brands. Nigeria’s Top 20 Most Prominent Solar Energy Companies for 2021

You can succeed if you have a successful readership on social media sites like Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, etc.

6. Virtual Support

Support for clients is a must for many businesses. While some would choose to handle it alone. Customers who may desire to outsource this aspect of their organization can use your service.

You can work as an independent contractor for businesses, assisting them with various administrative tasks remotely. Recruitment for Npower

7. Domain Reseller
You might make millions of dollars from this lucrative business. If you have the domain registered, many businesses and website owners who wish to possess the domain may contact you.

You can consider a domain name that has the potential to be bought, register it, and then watch for possible purchasers to visit.

Knowing that some domains cost millions of dollars could surprise you. In other words, if you hold a distinctive domain, you can sell it to any client who would be interested in using the name.

8. Online instruction
Access to information became simple because to the internet. It can be used to begin a session of online tutoring. Your tutorials will have subscribers among your pupils. The process can be entirely automated, which is a plus.

If you have a strong background in math, physics, English, programming, etc., you can tutor individuals who would be interested in learning the abilities.

Over time, this may allow you to obtain passive revenue.

9. Market e-courses and webinars
Another online enterprise you might launch in Nigeria is an e-course. If you are an expert in something that other people would be interested in learning, you can create a course that will walk them through the process of learning it.

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The advantage is that all you need to run this business is a decent laptop or desktop with a webcam and internet connectivity.

You can start selling an online e-course or webinar for little to nothing.

10. Marketing Pictures
Do you enjoy capturing images with a nice camera? Do you have talent for graphic design? Good photo and graphic design sets are available. Establish a website for it and begin selling the pictures on it.

There are well-known photo selling platforms like Getty Image, Istock Photos, etc. that you may sell your images to if you don’t want to establish a website. USD/NGN exchange rate

11. E-book sales
Another successful internet company that you can start in Nigeria is selling e-books. You can find a solution to a problem and begin selling this information in the form of e-books because people are now at ease with purchasing e-books online.

You may receive a passive income stream as a result.

Always keep in mind that your e-book should provide a solution to an issue that the reader is currently experiencing.

Once the book has been written, edited, and proofread, you can either package it and begin selling it on your website or use an e-book selling platform like Amazon.

12. Affiliate Promotion
Another profitable internet business that you might run is an affiliate marketing business. Many companies are willing to give you a portion of their profits if you can help them attract additional clients and customers.

Online Businesses In The World And How To Start One
Online Businesses In The World And How To Start One

Any of your websites, blogs, social media platforms, etc. can be used for affiliate marketing. You will be able to earn more money by attracting more clients to your legally established business. WAEC score blogging
A recent method of making money online is video blogging, sometimes known as V-blogging. Can you fathom how much money the channels that host the popular YouTube videos make?

You can start your own video blogging business if you enjoy making entertaining videos that viewers would enjoy watching.

Create a YouTube account, then start posting your videos there for people to view. A JAMB form

14.Forex trading
Before the internet, trading foreign currencies was difficult for most individuals. But today, you may trade forex and earn money for yourself without leaving the comfort of your house.

All Nigerians are welcome to participate in the currency market.


One approach to get money online is by answering questions honestly. It is incredibly simple to launch a survey company. Nevertheless, it might not be as lucrative as the other internet businesses mentioned in this article.

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Another issue Nigerians have is how to get their money from the well-known survey websites.

Because the pay could not be as expected, survey businesses should be seen as side hustles rather than full-time enterprises.

16.Developing Apps
You have a decent chance to start earning money online if you are skilled at application development.

You can start earning money online by developing useful apps that address straightforward problems.

There is a good chance that when you browse the internet, you may have found an app that generates revenue for its creators.

Another online enterprise that is growing in popularity is dropshipping. Practically, you don’t even need to own the items. All you have to do is act as a liaison between the product’s makers and its consumers.

This implies that to operate your dropshipping business, you must either build your own website or use a well-known platform.

When customers place an order, the manufacturer will ship the item, and you will receive a commission on each transaction.

18.Sell on Jumia
On Jumia, one of Nigeria’s most popular eCommerce platforms, you can begin selling goods.

Starting this is extremely simple. You can purchase items in bulk from manufacturers all over the world, set up a Jumia sellers account, and begin selling your products.

19.Selling on Konga,
The same is true of Konga as it is of Jumia. On Konga, you may easily sell your goods. You shouldn’t put yourself under stress.

Your responsibility is to make sure you have the item in stock when an order is placed. It will be delivered to the clients by Konga.

20. Amazon selling
Many business owners reside in You can start selling your digital goods using Amazon’s robust platform.

You can publish a recently finished book on Amazon and start earning money from it.

You only need to register with Amazon to get started.

Your capacity to properly market your service or products is the key to success in online company. You can earn a lot of money if you can constantly market yourself.

It hasn’t always been that simple to launch an online business. Start yours right away to find out how much you can learn and make.

You can get your hands on one or two of these online enterprises if you are a student or recent graduate and start earning money right away.


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